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Thure Teodore Andersson 1877–1964


Kön: Man Id: I4646 Levnadsålder: 87


Född1877-03-30 Filipstad (S) stad1
Emigrerad (29)1907-02-27 Göteborg (O) stad
Immigrerad (29)1907-03-11 Ellis Island, New York (NY) city, us
Gift (36) med
Anna Ottilia Johnsson Andersson (1891–1980)
1913-11-08 Minneapolis (MN) city, us
Begravd (≈86)1964 Crystal, Hennepin (MN) co, us2
Död (87)1964-07-20 Minneapolis (MN) city, us3


SSN 468-03-9746

Born 31 Mar 1877

Died Jul 1964

Residence: MInnesota

Last Benefit:

Issued: MN (Before 1951)


Citizenship stated that he was given a Certificate of Naturalization on December 3, 1920 at the age of 43. When he became a citizen his wife Anna was automatically became one, she was 29 at the time. Grandpa had different spelling on different documents of his first name: Thure, Ture.

For instance, grandpa Andersson's last name came from his father's first name Andreas, his name was Andreas Petter, ( pronounced) PET, as in dog, etc and his last name was Johanson which is pronounced You-on-son.

Thure came to the United States from Ostergotland, Sweden. He left from the port of Gotenborg, Sweden, to Liverpool England, to Ellis Island, New York, then he went to Salk St.Marie, Michigan. The date of entry was March 11, 1907, on the ship Carmania, Cunard line. He was 29-37 years old when he came over, occupation that was stated on his application was that of a Common Labor. On his application for Citizenship was witness by Adriel Jonasson (Johnson). He left Sweden on theFeb 27 1907. His destination on his papers were to Litchville, North Dakota. He did travel alone.

Ture when he arrived in the US went to North Dakota, where, he was a fam hand before coming to Minnesota. They called a farm hand "gamla drang, old farm hand".

More About Thure Teodore Anderson:

Baptism: 6 Apr 1877, Parrish of Flistad

Burial: 1964, Crystal Lake, Minnesota

Emigration: 27 Feb 1907, Goteborg, Sweden

Nationality: Swedish

Naturalization: 6 Dec 1920, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Occupation: Commander Larabee Milling Company Laborer

Religion: Lutheran

Residence: Sweden/Minnesota

Social Security Number: 468-03-9746


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